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Monday, March 17, 2008

Editing When You're Sick?

Okay, I know I promised the lowdown on the Highlights Foundation workshop I attended two weeks ago - and I will do it, I promise!

But here's the deal.  I'm sick.  As a dog.  As a big dawg.

And here's the other deal.  My editor called Friday and I need to do edits for my book.  As in now.

So, um, I guess I'm learning what an author does when she has to do edits while she's sick.  The answer?  Well, last night and the night before the answer was "go to bed early and pray to feel better in the morning."  That didn't happen exactly the way I'd envisioned - I'm still sick.

So today the answer is tending toward the Nike:  Just edit!

1 comment:

Ghost Girl said...

Oh, Franny, that stinks! I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. If you have the energy, give me a call. But I know you probably have to funnel all of it into those call me when you're done! :)

(I wish that certain editor would give me a call). you need anything? Chicken soup...a secretary...a babysitter? Wish I lived closer.

Get well soon!