Fran Cannon Slayton - The Wild Ride To Publication (Children's Book Version!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have been at a Highlights Foundation workshop (yes, it's put on by the Highlights Magazine folks) for the past week.  Almost phoneless.  Almost email-less.  I've realized how addicted I am to the internet!

Here's one thing (among many) that I learned this week.  If you are a writer who is going to have a blog, you need to update it regularly. People depend on you, and when you disappoint them it is not good for many reasons.  It lowers expectations.  It makes you less of a "go to" source.  It makes your readers wonder if you've spontaneously combusted.  (The answer is no to that last one, in case you were wondering).

So, my dear cyberfriends, I offer you a hearty apology for leaving you for almost two weeks without a post.  And without forewarning.  Please forgive me.

Lesson learned!

More on the zillions of things I learned at the Highlights Workshop next time . . .


Ghost Girl said...

I was starting to worry! Don't forget to give you post a title, wild thing! I'm glad you're back. Which workshop was this, the novel writing? Can't wait to hear more. I was in Rochester on research last week--came home in a snow storm. But oh, was it fun! And yes, I did blog about it. Trying to build those good habits, now.

Ghost Girl said...
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